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Joan Wong
Founding Member Wadaiko Newark
I have been playing Taiko since 1998. Before
joining Wadaiko Newark, I was a long term member
of the Onami Taiko group in Union City. I first saw
Taiko in Sonoma at a park performance, probably
by Sonoma County Taiko. My family were relaxing
in the park when they heard - drums! I remember
being fascinated and excited by the experience.

A little while later, I got my first taste of playing a
Taiko when Emeryville Taiko was performing at
Renaissance Square in Oakland Chinatown.
Emeryville did an audience participation time and I
got brave enough to go up and try my hand. I was

I later found out from friends that a Taiko group had
formed in Union City, and I became a member of
Onami Taiko. When Wadaiko Newark was founded,
I joined up to help the new group get started.

My long term goal is to continue to learn and
improve and to play as long as I am able.

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<Joan taken in April 2007
during a work shop before
going to Morgan Hill.
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