Terry Eustice
Founding Member Wadaiko Newark
Instructor Drum Playing,
Lead Instructor Drum Building

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I started playing Taiko in 1997. I, like many
other Wadaiko Newark members, started
playing Taiko with the Onami group in Union
City. I first saw Taiko at the 1997 July festival at
the Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church.
I am the other half of the Dynamic Duo of Taiko
builders. Between myself and my wife, Sue, we
have built so many Taiko that we truly have no
idea how many drums we have built, or how
many we own personally. We are the only Taiko
couple I know that own "His and Hers" Odaikos!
That's what they said. Now eight years later they're right. Tuesdays are for Taiko. But it's at three PM helping to teach
the Newark After School Kids Taiko program. Then continues at seven PM for the weekly song and solo writing
workshops. But then there is also Wednesday. Wednesday is for Taiko, seven to nine. But this is for helping to teach
the Newark Taiko Center's Adult School intermediate class. Did I mention Thursday night? Thursday night is for Taiko.
It's workshop night for building lions, dragons and other mystic creatures for our performances. I wish that it was just
from seven to nine PM! Then there is Friday. Friday is for Taiko. On Friday nights we have the Shime Daiko class.
From seven to nine of course! That is if we aren't doing a performance on that Friday. Saturday - ah yes! Saturday is
for Taiko. We start our "regular" Taiko practice at nine AM on Saturday and it goes until noon. Unless we have another
performance on Saturday! Sunday is our day off - unless of course we have a performance on Sunday. What do we
do on our day off? We build new drums and repair the Taiko drums damaged during the week. Sunday is for Taiko.
This brings us back to Monday. Monday is for Taiko. Monday night, from seven to nine is intensive practice night. It's
where we work on details that are giving the group problems. I am so glad that Sue and Marie got me into Taiko! After
all it is only two hours a week and no real commitment - right?
When asked "What have you gotten out of Taiko?" he answers, “self
confidence, exercise, a sense of style and I've learned how to "fake it!"”
When asked what his long term goal for Taiko is he replies: “Build the
worlds’ largest stave built Taiko, write and choreograph my own Taiko
Opera called "Isle of the Sacred Lions" and last but not least - play till I
die!”         Surely achievable goals!

Terry tells this story when asked how he really got into Taiko............
Sue and Marie ganged up on me. Sue is my wife and Marie was our good
friend and Taiko buddy. They told me that Taiko class was no big deal
and not much of a commitment. They said, "Tuesday nights are for
Taiko. It's just from seven to nine PM. That's only two hours a week and
no real commitment is necessary".
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