Dojo Etiquette

The essence of Taiko is not only looked upon as the skillful
playing of percussion instruments, but as the discipline of
mind and body in the spirit of complete respect and unity
among the drummers.

1.        Bow upon entering and exiting the Dojo. It is a show  
           of respect, humility and self-discipline.
2.        Arrive a few minutes early to help set up and
prepare the Dojo. It is important not to arrive late to             
any practice. Tardiness is not good Taiko behavior.              
If you have a problem with getting to     
practices/classes on time, please discuss reason
with Instructors and/or other members of the group.
3.        Always show respect for Instructors, Leaders, and
other members of the group.
4.        Jewelry is inappropriate attire in the Dojo. Please
refrain from wearing any rings, watches, necklaces,
bracelets, etc.
5.        No gum chewing is allowed.
6.        When a Teacher or Instructor (or any other member)
is speaking or showing an example, do not talk,
drum or make any other extra noise. Listen and learn
from what is being said or demonstrated. You will
benefit from paying attention.
7.        Think before asking questions. Try to learn by
observing senior members.

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