My story is pretty simple.  My Dad and I
watched a Taiko performance at Epcot
Center in Disney World.  My Dad said,
"We should try that."  I thought it would be
fun so I agreed.  I actually didn't even
remember it later.  However, a month after
we returned from Disney World my Dad
left out the Newark Adult Education class
schedule on a page that offered a Taiko
class.  I thought, "Why not?" gave my Dad
the money for the class and said, "Sign us
up."  He did, we liked it, and here we are.

I started classes at the beginning of 2004.

Started practicing with the performance
group summer of 2005.

Finished building my very own drum
September of 2005.

Became a Wadaiko Newark Member 2006.
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Andrea Blanchette
Member Wadaiko Newark
since December 2006
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