Greg started studying Taiko with Seiichi Tanaka
and the San Francisco Taiko Dojo immediately
after seeing them perform at the annual
Zellerbach Taiko Festival at UC Berkeley,
November 1996.

A few months after starting class, he changed to
the SFTD affiliated Oakland group taught by
Sensei Susan Horn. When the Oakland Taiko
Group moved from Oakland and became the
Emeryville Taiko Group, Greg was one of the
founding members.

In 1999, Greg assumed the duties of the Head
Instructor for the Onami Taiko Group in Union
City. He continued there as Head instructor into

In the beginning of 2003, Greg left the Onami
group and with eight other former members,
formed Wadaiko Newark.

In addition to Wadaiko Newark, Greg and
members Marie Payne and Sue and Terry
Eustice also formed the Newark Taiko Center.
The Taiko Center is a partnership with the
Newark Unified School District and teaches
afternoon Taiko to grade school level children
and teaches evening adult school classes.

Greg's family is just as Taiko motivated as Greg
is. His daughter, Stacey Clark, is the Head
Instructor for Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan at UC Davis.
She and several other students formed BTD in

Dr. Greg Clark has moved to Alabama, however,
Wadaiko Newark considers him a continuing
“honorary” member of our group.

Greg Clark was the Head Instructor for the
Wadaiko Newark performing Taiko group. Greg
has been playing Taiko since November of 1996.
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Greg Clark
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