Wadaiko Newark was formed in November 2002 and is a Taiko
group formed in cooperation with the Newark Unified School
District and serving the people in Alameda County in California.
As part of the local school system, we are able to offer adult
evening classes through Adult Education and children’s classes
on Saturdays through Wadaiko Newark Children's Group.

Our Dojo (A Dojo is "a place for studying". Lit: the place of the
way. A Taiko dojo would be a place for learning taiko.) is
located at  
Newark Unified School District
         35777 Cedar Boulevard
                Newark, CA
Adult classes are Monday through Friday for both Basic I and    
Basic II.
         Wadaiko Newark Children's Group is on
                    Saturdays from 1 until 5 p.m.
Head Instructor: S. Eustice       Instructors: T. Eustice & B. Chu.
Contact Us
                                            Check the "Take Classes" page for the next session start date.

We perform at Churches, schools, private parties and other functions.
We will build a drum for you or we will teach you to build your own drum.

For performance or drum building information please call (510) 791-0901.

Taiko is an ancient form of Japanese drumming. The Kanji character Tai means bit and Ko means drum. The Taiko
style drum is commonly believed to have come to Japan from India and China perhaps 1000 years ago.
The Taiko Drum was used to celebrate the harvest, bring on the rain, to frighten away evil spirits, to intimidate the enemy in
battle, and as a way of communication between villages.
At Buddist ceremonies the boom of the great Taiko was said to be the voice of Buddha.
Wadaiko is the Japanese term for the traditional style of drumming known in the western world as Taiko. It is the playing of   
traditional Japanese rhythms on traditional style drums.
However, Wadaiko is more than the simply playing of rhythms; it’s the striving to become one with these great drums, your  
fellow drummers and the tradition of Taiko. Playing the Taiko brings us a sense of oneness, harmony and interdependence,  
not only with the drum but also with our fellow players.
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