Age-bachi - Wooden sticks used to tension the ropes on tsukeshime-daiko.  See
    also tate-jime and hon-jime.
Atarigane – Also known as chan-chiki or kane. A hand gong. It is often used to keep
         time. It is played held in the hand or suspended by a cord. The gong
         often decorated with tassels called fusa. It is struck with a deer horn
          mallet called the shumoku.                                              
Bachi – Also buchi. General term for drum sticks. Also refers to the plectrum or pick
 used by shamisen and biwa players. There are a staggering variety of bachi
  in many size, shapes and materials. The most common woods used are
 kashi for nagado-daiko, hou for shime-daiko, and hinoki for Odaiko and
 Yatai-bayashi. Almost all taiko are struck with bachi, the only exceptions
 seem to be the kotsuzumi, ootsuzumi and Yooko.

Bin-sasara - Also ita-sasara.  A rattle-like instrument made of many small slats of
         wood connected by a spine of string with a handle at each end.  By       
         flicking the handles back and forth, the slats strike each other,
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                                                                         creating a "zipping" sound.
Biwa - A round backed lute with a cranked neck developed from the Chinese pipa, and played with an over sized plectrum
called a bachi. The biwa has three strings and four frets. Often played in conjunction with the singing of old
historical tales, eg. Heike Monogatari, but also a solo instrument in it's own right.
Boo-sasara.  A long, notched stick that is rubbed with a smaller stick.  Similar to a guiro.
Bu - Traditional Japanese measure. 10 bu make one sun. Subdivided into 10 units called rin.  Roughly equivilent to 3 mm in
the Kana system. See also shaku.
Bubinga - English name for the Toboku tree of West Camaroon.
Bugaku - Classical Japanese Court Dance.  Accompanied by Gagaku music. The dances are divided into Dances of the
     Left, and Dances of the Right. See also Gagaku, Sahoogaku, Uhoogaku.
Buna - The Japanese beech tree. Used for bachi.
Busho-dai – A low, lightweight stand used to hold a classical shime-daiko at a slight angle. Used while playing the shime-
         daiko from a seated position. Similar to, but slightly heavier and sturdier than, a teren-dai.
Buyoo - Classical Japanese Dance.
Byoo – Tacks used to nail the heads on certain taiko.
Byoo-daiko – Also Byoouchi-daiko. Is a general term for a nailed-head drums.
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