I was born in Wakayama City,
Japan. I came to the United States
when I was a teenager and have
been here for many years.
I am married to a wonderful
husband who supports my drumming
and have two beautiful girls who are
both in college.
Being in the United States for
many years, I am Americanized,
yet appreciate my culture and
tradition and am trying to preserve it
for future generations.
It was around August 2006 when Stephanie, my
youngest daughter, and I were looking for a Taiko
class. We had just come back from a trip to Japan
and excited to join a group. Since I was a little girl, I
was fascinated with Taiko. I like the history, tradition,
discipline, sounds, and everything about Taiko. It
makes me proud to be Japanese. I had no idea
where or what to look for to take a class. One day I
was surfing the internet and found Wadaiko Newark
and decided to join the group. Honestly, it looked
intimidating at first and I never believed that I would
keep playing for this long.
Well, it has been three plus years and I am still
taking classes and enjoying it every moment of it. I
think I am still here only because I have been
drawing into Terry and Sue's passion toward Taiko
and it makes me feel that everyone can play Taiko, if
we have a passion and discipline to work hard.

Thank you Terry and Sue and other Senseis for

Takako Honda
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Takako Honda
Member Wadaiko Newark
since March 2010

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