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Sue Eustice
Founding Member Wadaiko Newark
Lead Instructor: Drum Playing
Instructor: Drum Building

I first started playing Taiko in 1997. It is all
Marie Paynes fault!  In the summer of 1997,
Marie asked me if I wanted to take Taiko
lessons with her. I was unsure of just what
Taiko was, so Marie asked me to come with
her to the local Buddhist Temple’s summer
festival to see Taiko. Afterwards, my answer to
Marie was - YES !, YES!, YES!
I was one of the founding members of Onami
Taiko group in Union City. I was a performing
member as well as becoming one of the
teachers of the Beginners Taiko classes.
In 2003 I left Onami Taiko to help form
Wadaiko Newark and the Newark Taiko Center.
I assisted Greg Clark in teaching the Taiko
classes until Greg moved to Alabama. As of
May 2005 I became the Head Instructor of the
Newark Taiko Center. I am now involved with
Taiko at least four days a week. I have become
an accomplished Taiko drum builder with
dozens of drums to my credit. My husband
Terry and I are just completing the only “His
and Her’s” set of Odaikos.
I love playing Taiko and making the big drums!
I have found a lot of real friends through Taiko.
Playing Taiko and building Drums has made
me realize that there is nothing that I can’t do.
When making a drum, I feel at peace. I will play
Taiko until the day I die!
I work for Newark Unified School District.

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