In 2005 Wadaiko Newark members went to Japan.                              
While there, six members, Alexis Beverly,                            
Brian Chu, Greg Clark, Marie Payne,                             
Sue Eustice, Terry Eustice were certified                              
"Taiko Drum Instructors".                               
by Daihachi Oguchi of Osuwa-daiko.                                 
Daihachi Oguchi, also, certified Terry and Sue Eustice                          
"Master Drum Builders".                                   




May 2009           
The original film score and Title Song        
"Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon"        
has been nominated by both the    
Hong Kong Film Awards       
and the     
Asian Film Awards    
"Best Original Film Score".     

During the summer of 2008     
Wadaiko Newark had the privilege of being asked to      
play two taiko musical sound tract scores for the movie:   

"Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon"

Directed by Daniel Lee
Musical Scores Composed by Award Winning Henry Lai

Henry Lai aka Henri Lai and Henry Lai Wan-man

The two pieces Henry Lai composed for
Wadaiko Newark to perform are:
"Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon"
"The Five Generals"

Songs by Henry Lai     
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