8.        Please treat others with respect. If you should have any questions as to
what you are being taught or the way it is being presented, please take the
leader/s and/or teachers aside and discuss differences and not air
differences in front of others. We accept difference and directions if
discussed in a dignified manner. Input from all members is greatly
appreciated. Remember unity is an important part of Taiko and that everyone
learns at a different rate. A time at the end of practice will be set aside for a
discussion period.
9.           All students are to help close the Dojo by putting away the drums,
Drum stands or any other equipment.
10.         Learn and practice what you are taught so that you can keep up with
the class. You are expected to memorize Kuchi-shoga (spoken rhythms) by
your next class. The more you practice, the more you will get from class and
the more you will enjoy it. It is up to you!
11.          Do not play on drums before or after class period, or during breaks.
The drums do not belong to the class or school, but to individual member of
the group. You must have permisssion from owners of drums and/or
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Instructors to play the drums anytime other than class time.
12.        Exercise and stretching is important to your health and well-being.  Every member must participate in these
exercises.  These exercises are beneficial to you and must be done before drumming.
13.         Proper shoes and attire should be worn to practices. Always take shoes off before stepping on carpet.
14.         Please show respect for all equipment.  Do not put anything on the head of drums, lean on drums or hit
sides of drums.
15.         Eating or drinking is not allowed in the Dojo (water being the exception).  All cans, bottles, etc. must be
cleared away at end of practice.

Taiko players are more than just fellow drummers; they are brothers and sisters. All
members should look upon fellow drummers as family.

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